Is it a Fashion Corset or Authentic Corset?

•Corsets, fashion corsets, corselets, bustiers, underbust corsets, waist cinchers, waspies... There are so many different types, what are the differences?

A corset should be a firmly boned, fully laced, supportive and figure shaping garment. If you like the feel (or think you will like the feel) of a figure enhancing and tight fitting garment and want to be pulled in at the waistline, look for corsets.

-Daily wear or tight lacing (also known as hourglass) corsets are generally the finest quality, made with personal attention and the best materials. Made up of metal boning and fully laced for tightly pulling in the waist. You will be asked via email to fill out the measurement form if you have not already submitted it for corsets with hourglass/tightlacing silhouettes.

-An underbust corset and a waist cincher are corsets that sit under the bust line, with metal boning and fully laced for tightly pulling in the waist.

-Our Fashion corsets are similar to daily wear or tight lacing without the dramatic waist reduction. Best for very fit figures or comfortable fashion wear events, they smooth over the curves of the body and are worn more comfortably with less tightening and as a result are less restricting.

-A bustier is a lightly boned garment and usually has back stretch panels and hook/eye fastening. They are supportive but not too confining, and most often boned with plastic. WC does not offer these.

-A waspie is a smaller underbust corset with boning, not intended to be a tight lacing garment but rather a fashion piece as outer or under wear.

-Corselets and basques are usually another type of bustier, they generally do not reduce much and may be made of plastic boning or inferior fabrics. They are for occasional wear, but they are cheaper, so for a one-shot or rare-use item, this is your best bet. WC does not offer these.

•How are your corsets made?

The structure of the corsets are made of 100% cotton corset coutil, traditional corset fabric and the exterior/fashion fabrics are always interfaced. The interior is completely lined with 100% cotton twill. All of our daily wear/tight lacing corsets are boned with high quality spiral and flat steel boning and the waist is always secure with a waist stay. A Modesty panel is always available and can be purchased separately. WC exclusively drafts all of our corset patterns, none are manufactured outside of Waisted Couture. Check out [The Makings] for more information.

•How do I know what size to order?

Our corsets range in sizes based on natural waist measurements and bust sizes. Check out our [Sizing] page for more information. Custom drafting is available for tight lacers by email conversation. In addition you will be asked via email to fill out the measurement form if you have not already submitted it for corsets with hourglass/tightlacing silhouettes and others at the request of the Corsetière where necessary.

•Can I customize my corset?

Fabrics, colors, additions of lace overlay, trims and beading are only the beginning! [Contact us] regarding the customization of your Waisted Couture corset! Custom pieces require entire payment in advance and may prolong the completion time, if this is the case we will inform you before the order is complete. We do not offer refunds of any kind on special order pieces, please be sure you are ordering what you want in your correct size.

•Do I need a modesty panel?

A modesty panel is made of the same material as the corset and lining and is sewn on one side under the back laces or available as a floating, removable panel to hide any skin from showing through the laces. They are completely optional and can provide a more formal look with wear.

•Can I attach garter straps to the corset?

Depending on the style, suspenders may be added for a minimal fee. [Contact us] if interested.

•How do I put on a corset?

Check out [Lacing and Wear] for more information!

•Can I lose inches around my waist?

You will be able to reduce the size of your waist while wearing your corset. On average it is normal to reduce at least 2-4 inches quite comfortably.

•Can I lose weight by wearing a corset?

Wearing a corset alone will not help you to lose weight. It may prevent over eating which can assist you to loose weight when paired with exercise (not in a corset of course). Any claim that a corset will yield weight loss is false.

•Does my waist stay reduced when I take my corset off?

Probably not. Every body is a little different, and each person will experience a little different result from corseting. If you are attempting to train your figure, you will probably need to wear your corset(s) 20-24 hours per day. (See [Waist Training]). Occasion wear has no long term effect on your body, when you take your corset off your figure will resume it's pre-corseted shape very quickly.

•Are corsets uncomfortable?

If you are in any pain you should not wear the corset. If you are not wearing the corset properly it is possible to be uncomfortable. Tingling, soreness and any numbness are all signs of improper wear. Waisted Couture corsets are made to fit the curvatures of the body while pulling in at the waist, there should be very little pressure and the cinching should be focused on the waist alone, not the entire torso. This is what creates the hourglass silhouette as opposed to the tubular look of most lingerie/bustier/"corsets".

•What is Waist Training and Tight lacing?

Tight lacing/Tightlacing and Waist training is the process of achieving a reduction to the size of the waistline. This process should only be done slowly in order to accomplish a safe waist reduction. To prevent harm to yourself or your corset, proper instruction from a training expert is recommended. A corset should never be worn in any way that causes discomfort or pain. Tight lacing is the process of using a corset to achieve dramatic waist reductions and modification of the shape of the waistline. For tight lacing to be effective a corset must be worn approx 22 hours per day. The potential for harm is exaggerated by rumors of the past but improper wear such as inaccurate measurements can increase a risk of pain, injury or damage to the corset. Consistent and incremental lacing is the only appropriate way to achieve the hourglass waist desired. A striking decrease in the waist shape can take time to achieve, some wearers compress and reduce easily and some may need years of training. Your corset should never cause you pain! Please consult a corseting expert or a doctor if you feel you have further concerns or questions regarding training.

We always recommend under bust styles. Please inform us if you are intending to use a corset for training so the preferable fabrics and style can be recommended.

We provide information regarding Waisted Couture corsets, what types are preferred and basics on the subject in [Training and Tight Lacing]. And for more extensive history on the subject there are some great resources on the internet!

•How long will it take after I place my order until I receive my corset?

On average the lead time per corset is 6-8 weeks. If there are any occasions where this is not the case you will be informed immediately. Some additions like hand sewn lace trims or beading may prolong the completion time and in this case we will inform you before the order is complete.

•What if I need the corset sooner?

Rush Order is available and can be found at the bottom of this page or listed in the Custom Orders Page

•What payment methods do you accept?

Waisted Couture Corsetry uses PayPal to process orders. You may use a credit card payment or use PayPal check out. PayPal allows your information to stay private and secure.

Waisted Couture Corsetry does not share your private information.