Not All Corsets Are Created Equal

Not All Corsets Are Created Equal
How can you tell the difference when everyone uses the labels "tightlacing" "steel boned" and "authentic"? The following will give you an idea as to the differences between corsets for fashion wear and corsets for tightlacing and waist reduction. There is nothing wrong with a corset for fashion purposes if that is what you are looking for. Usually these corsets will be lower in price which may be a bonus for those on a budget but there are may variations of the fashion corset, it is important not to expect the same shape, results or longevity from a fashion corset as you would from an authentic or custom corset.

If you answer yes to 3 or more of the following, the corset is most likely made for fashion wear.

-Is it fairly light weight?

-Is it fairly tubular/slender in shape?

-Does it have elasticized or stretch panels?

-Does the boning bend, poke and/or roll after wearing?

-Is there only of one layer of fabric?

-Do you feel tingling or numbness anywhere after wearing the corset for an extended amount of time?

-Does the corset protrude out at the bottom and/or push the belly down in an unsightly manner?

-Is the corset uncomfortable or cause pain on your hipbones?

-Is the corset laced with thin or weak ribbon/lacing?

-Is there an uneven gap where the back laces from top to bottom (lots of skin showing through the laces on top or bottom with minimal space on the opposite)?

If you answer yes to 3 or more of the following, the corset is most likely created for proper tightlacing and waist reduction. *An Authentic Corsetière/Corsetier will proudly list (or offer when asked) their supplies and makings for all to see as well as answer any questions you may have.

-Does the Seller/Corsetière/Corsetier list or offer information regarding the supplies?

-Does the Seller/Corsetière/Corsetier list their corsets as having a Coutil base, Waist Stay, Spiral and Flat Steel boning and Cotton Twill/Coutil Lining?

-Is there a hefty weight to it from the layers and construction?

-Does it nip in at the waist and curve out over the hips?

-Does your corset feel like a snug, second skin hug?

-Did the seller/manufacturer/Corsetière/Corsetier request your individual measurements at any point?

-Does the lacing tie and adjust from the middle?

-Is the gap in the back primarily even from top to bottom where the corset laces?