Training/Tight Lacing

Training/Tight Lacing
Tight lacing/Tightlacing/Waist training are the processes of achieving a reduction and modification of the shape of the waistline through occasional or daily corset wear.

Tightlacing refers to the overall reduction of the waist, this amount varies from person to person as body types will vary depending on muscle and fat or fleshy parts of the body as well as the wearers own ability to compress.

Training is the process of long term corset wear to achieve a more lasting reduction after the corset is removed rather than simply during wear.

Training should be done slowly in order to accomplish a safe waist reduction. To prevent harm to yourself or your corset, proper consultation from a training expert is recommended. A corset should never be worn in any way that causes pain. For Tightlacing Training to be effective, a corset must be worn approx 22 hours per day. The potential for harm is exaggerated by rumors of the past but improper wear such as inaccurate measurements can increase a risk of pain, injury or damage to the corset. Consistent and incremental lacing is the only appropriate way to achieve the hourglass waist desired. A striking decrease in the waist shape can take time to achieve, some wearers compress and reduce easily and some may need years of training. Your corset should never cause you pain! Please consult a corseting expert or a doctor if you feel you have further concerns or questions regarding training.

We always recommend under bust styles for Training. Please inform us if you are intending to use a corset for training so the preferable fabrics and style can be recommended. We provide Tight Lacing, Daily Wear Underbust corsets specifically for training or occasional shaping in the Training section of the shop.

When you are first beginning it is important to chose the right corset style paired with the right fit. You will need a corset 4-6 inches below your natural waist measurement. It is important for the process to be gradual so that your body can become accustomed to wear and the corset to your body. The corset should be taken in slowly, lace it very comfortably at first and after a couple days or a week it can be laced more. You should always be comfortable in your corset. After you can comfortably close the corset completely it will be time to remeasure and have a new one made. This process may take a couple months or more depending on your body.

From long wear your skin can take a toll if not cared for properly. It is recommended that you wear a corset liner or seamless tube top to prevent chaffing and dry skin. It is important to care for your skin, moisturize and use baby powder if and when necessary.

You should also be sure to clean your corset when necessary. Training corsets should be spot cleaned with mild detergent no more than once per week or as needed, otherwise dry cleaning is recommended. When not wearing it, air your corset out over a plastic hanger where the corset will be sure to get the best air flow. Never hang it in direct sunlight. Otherwise you may dry clean as necessary only.