Cotton Trainer

Cotton Trainer
Item# U_TRA_UBT01
Fabric:  Removable Modesty Panel:  Measurement, Underbust #2:  Measurement, Natural Waist #4:  Measurement, Hipbone #5:  Fit:  Size (For best fit order 4-6 inches below natural waist measurement): 

Product Description

Cotton Trainer
Trainer Underbust Corset

Absolute Midi-Longline, 100% Cotton Twill Training Underbust Corset

(Tight Lacing) Busk Front Closure

The Trainer underbust corset is available in Black and Tan Twill and specifically designed for training and daily wear with a breathable, 100% cotton exterior and lining and a 100% cotton Coutil interior that can also be hand washed* when necessary without resizing of the corset fibers. A straight, flat front with a straight center under the bust and busk front closure. The corset extends down to the hip bones, covering the stomach to smooth and control for daily wear over or under clothing. Features 10 panels, 24 flat and spiral steel bones and is fully lined.

You may choose to customize your trainer for optimum results by requesting the Fully Custom option from the Fit selections. A custom drafted mockup will be sent for a custom fitting and require a return after email consultation in order for work on the custom pattern and corset to proceed. (Extra shipping is required and billed separate for orders outside the US)

Semi Custom - the corset will be based on WC standard sizing and modified to fit your given measurements.

Fully Custom - the corset will be custom drafted to fit your individual measurements with a mockup via mail to check for proper sizing and fit before your final corset is created.

What if you desire a semi-custom fit but your measurements fall under different sizes? You will best benefit from ordering your corset as a fully custom order with mockup otherwise you may not achieve the desired fit or effect when worn.

Whether you are requesting a semi-custom or fully custom corset, please submit a full set of measurements as accurate as possible to ensure a proper fitting corset.

•Submit full measurements here at any time

*spot cleaning with mild detergent no more than once per week or when necessary, otherwise dry cleaning is recommended.

If measurements are not submitted within one week from date of order the selection will default to a standard size based on order selections.

All corsets are made when ordered and have a 6-8 week lead time.