Glamorous Overbust Corset

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Product Description

Glamorous Overbust Corset

Asymmetrical Sweetheart Round

(Tight Lacing) Busk Front Closure

The Glamorous Overbust Corset from the Signature Kalani Collection features an asymmetrical bustline in a bold Black and White satin print. A straight, flat front with a curved upper front to support the bust in a natural position. The waist is cinched in and the corset ends on the hips and smoothes them into a gentle curve from the waist. Back lacing, fully lined, spiral and flat steel bones throughout. Modesty Panels and Bust Padding available. Pair it with pants, a skirt, or the matching custom Mermaid Skirt with train for a dramatic statement.

You may choose to customize your corset for optimum results by requesting the Fully Custom option from the Fit selections. A custom drafted mockup will be sent for a custom fitting and require a return after email consultation in order for work on the custom pattern and corset to proceed. (Extra shipping is required and billed separate for orders outside the US)

Semi Custom - the corset will be based on WC standard sizing and modified to fit your given measurements.

Fully Custom - the corset will be custom drafted to fit your individual measurements with a mockup via mail to check for proper sizing and fit before your final corset is created.

What if you desire a semi-custom fit but your measurements fall under different sizes? You will best benefit from ordering your corset as a fully custom order with mockup otherwise you may not achieve the desired fit or effect when worn.

Whether you are requesting a semi-custom or fully custom corset, please submit a full set of measurements as accurate as possible to ensure a proper fitting corset.

•Submit full measurements here at any time

If measurements are not submitted within one week from date of order the selection will default to a standard size based on the order selections.

All corsets are made when ordered and have a 6-8 week lead time.

Kalani Kokonuts
Photography by Marcos Rivera

Kalani Kokonuts Custom Corset Collection Tight Lacing Waisted Couture