General Care

General Care
Correct care produces longevity!

•If well cared for your corset will last for years. Never put your corset in the washing machine or dryer and never iron a corset!! If it needs cleaning, take it to a dry cleaner, preferably one that will offer hand dry cleaning. Be sure to mention specifically that you are bringing in a piece that was boned with metal. It would be best if they do the cleaning on site.

•Dry cleaning too often will cause wear on the corset, use discretion when having dry cleaned and try to air out your corset to reserve dry cleaning for times when it is most necessary. Most of the time airing out your corset is sufficient. Simply hang your corset, laces up and lining out over a plastic or wooden hanger and let it dry and air out. After the corset has been aired out you may roll it inside out and put it away in a drawer or other safe place. Be sure to keep your corset away from direct sunlight as it can fade and damage the fabric of the corset.

•If you will be wearing your corset often you may want to wear a corset liner or seamless tube top to protect it from excess body moisture and oils in the skin.

•You should wear your corset fairly loose when you first receive it, if you lace it too tightly you could damage the grommets fabric and stitching. Corsets need a break in period to mold to the natural curves of your body. After a short period of time, the material will conform by using the heat of your body, allowing you to go tighter. You can tighten your corset more within about three half hour increments. While the corset is still new it is important to ease into the lacing process, the more you wear your corset, the more it will adapt and mold to your body and the more comfortable you will be in your corset as it takes on the perfect shape for your body.

•Never try to fasten or unfasten a corset (busk or zipper) with the lacing tied too tight. If you can't easily fasten or unfasten it then you need to untie it and loosen the lacing. Trying to fasten/unfasten a corset without first loosening the lacing, may result in a broken zipper/busk or ruined corset.

•You should never force the lacing too tightly. Your corset should never be so tight that it is uncomfortable. It should only be snug and fit well around you.

•The strain on the lacing needs to be dispersed throughout the length of the back. The back should always lay flush with your skin and have a fairly parallel space between the two sides where the lacing is tied.